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Dr. Stephen M. Swaringen is the clinic director of Performance Spine & Sport Rehabilitation.

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Performance Spine & Sport Rehabilitation offers a variety of therapy options

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Experiencing Pain After An Auto Accident?

in Lake Park, Jupiter, West Palm Beach & Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Welcome to performance spine & sport rehabilitation, located in Lake Park, FL and serving the surrounding communities of Jupiter, West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach & Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Our primary goal is to provide quality care in the form of chiropractic and physical rehabilitation therapy to prioritize the healing of our patients and athletes. It is our job to focus on the proper diagnosis, treatment, and management of injuries to maximize recovery time while minimizing symptoms. At performance spine & sport rehabilitation, we target the triune of the body: the skeletal system, muscular system, and neurological system, in an effort to create specific treatment plans based on each patients needs.


Whether you are a professional athlete trying to optimize your performance or a weekend warrior trying to stay in the game, managing pain and injuries is a must for longevity. At Performance Spine & Sport Rehabilitation, we treat a wide range of both acute and chronic conditions, including neck & back pain; sprains & strains; disc herniations; radiculopathy into the arms or legs; injuries to the shoulder, elbow, wrist & hand; injures to the hip, knee, ankle, & foot; and pre / post-surgical recovery. After a thorough examination and review of your chief complaint, Dr. Swaringen develops a comprehensive treatment plan combining chiropractic, physiotherapy, and soft tissue mobilization to promote efficient healing and recovery. When dealing with an injury your search for answers can be stressful. Performance Spine & Sport Rehabilitation strives to educate our patients and athletes to better understand how their body's function and ways to prevent injuries in the future. Learning how to manage reoccurring chronic conditions or recover from an acute injury is essential to staying in the game. Dr. Swaringen is proud to provide his services and injury management philosophy to the residents of Lake Park, Jupiter, West Palm Beach & Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Minimize the stress and entrust your injury recovery to Performance Spine & Sport Rehabilitation.


How can we help you heal?

Have you been in a car accident that left your neck feeling sore? Have you experienced aches and pains while training for your next 5k? Are you suffering from a chronic condition that never seems to go away? No matter the cause, a chiropractor can treat a variety of ailments, including:

  • Chiropractic - A system of integrative medicine based on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of neuromusculoskeletal system disorders, and the effects these disorders have on one's general health.
  • Spinal Decompression - Cervical (neck) and Lumbar (low back) decompression is an effective tool in the management of disc and nerve related injuries. Harnessing the "vacuum effect" we are able to distract (open) space between vertebrae to help reduce herniations or pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots.
  • Sports Injuries - Managing injuries as an athlete can be very stressful. The pressure to practice and play can at times force athletes to try and work through the pain. At Performance Spine & Sport Rehabilitation, we don't always believe injuries should take you out of the game. We strive to keep our athletes in the gym and in practice while performing at the highest level possible while minimizing risk of further injury and pain. Some injuries require a complete de-load from activity. In these scenarios we work aggressively and deliberately to manage the pain and return to sport specific rehabilitation as fast as possible. For less severe injuries, certain modifications to training may be necessary initially to maintain training with the intent to return to regular training routines safely and efficiently.
  • Auto Accidents - Sometimes life happens at the most inconvenient of times. Auto accidents are no different. Once you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, the paperwork, phone calls, and overall process can be daunting. One thing that doesn't need to be difficult is seeking treatment for yourself. At Performance Spine & Sport Rehabilitation, we strive to approach your recovery to injuries sustained in auto accident the same way we treat our athletes. We focus on managing the pain, restoring proper range of motion and strength of the body, while getting you back to your best life.
  • Neck & Back Pain - Neck and back pain is a complaint almost every person will experience at some point in their life. From "sleeping funny" to althletic injuries, don't let neck and back pain slow you down. Mange your symptoms today to prevent intensified pain and discomfort in your future.
  • Work-Related Injuries - If your job requires physical activity, you may experience frequent strain on your muscles. Over time, this strain could lead to serious injuries. Schedule an appointment with a chiropractor at Performance Spine & Sport Rehabilitation for work-related injuries. 

For a full list of the conditions we treat and the techniques we use to treat them, visit our techniques and services page now.

We work hard so you can play hard

If you've been injured in a sports-related accident, turn to a leading strength and conditioning doctor to help you get back in the game. With a background in sports injury treatment, Dr. Swaringen has the passion and experience to guide you through every step of the recovery process.

Reach out to a licensed chiropractor serving residents of the Lake Park, Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, FL areas today. Call 561-400-1528 to make an appointment at our office.

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