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Located in Lake Park, FL and also serving residents of Jupiter, West Palm Beach & Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Performance Spine & Sport Rehabilitation is here to provide quality, ethical and affordable school, sport, pre-employment, and DOT physical exams. Dr. Swaringen is a Certified Medical Examiner (CME) and listed on the National Registry. Walk-ins are always welcome; appointments are encouraged and appointments can be arranged outside our regular business hours.

Services include:

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals for CDL medical card
  • Pre-employment physical examinations
  • School and sport physical examinations
School Physical: Please bring identification and if applicable, glasses, hearing aids, and medical records. We provide all the forms for the standard Florida school physical. We DO NOT administer vaccinations.

Sports Physical: Please bring identification and if applicable, glasses, hearing aids, and medical records. We have all necessary forms for the standard Florida sports physical.

Pre-Employment Physical: Please bring identification and if applicable, glasses, hearing aids, and medical records. If your employer has a specific physical form they would like completed, please bring that with you.

DOT Physical Exam: This is the standard department of transportation exam necessary to receive your commercial motor vehicle driver's license medical card. The exam includes a hearing whisper test, vision exam, a mandatory urinalysis and a blood pressure screen. Please bring a state issued identification card or driver's license.

Hearing: You must be able to perceive a forced whisper at 5 feet or greater with or without hearing aids.

Vision: You must be able to read a Snellen eye chart at a vision equivalent to a 20/40 or better, with or without glasses, and both eyes open and each eye independently. Monocular vision drivers cannot qualify.

Blood Pressure: You must have blood pressure equal to or lower than 140/90 with or without medication.

Urinalysis: The mandatory urinalysis screens for protein, blood and sugar in the urine. This is not a drug test. A CDL medical certificate may be issued if protein and blood are found at the medical examiners discretion. If sugar is found in the urine you will not be able to get your CDL medical certificate until further blood testing is performed.

Sleep Apnea: If you use a CPAP machine please bring a print out from the last 3 months showing you use your machine 4 hours per night at least 70% of the time. If your machine does not print, please bring the machine with you on your visit.

Other Medical Conditions & Medications: If you are being treated, have been recently treated for any medical conditions, or are currently on any medications, please bring in any medical records you may have from your treating provider. Often this will make it possible for you to receive your CDL medical certificate the same day. If you do not have your records, please give our office a call at 561-400-1528 and we can request them on your behalf.

The FMCSA publishes Medical Requirements for Drivers. It contains a variety of information on the new rules and regulations. Visit the FMCSA for more information.

If you would like to print and fill out page 1 of medical fitness forms prior to coming in our office please click the following link: MEDICAL PHYSICAL REPORT. This will speed up your visit. However, it is not necessary as we have all forms in our office.